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. >>> a group of roommates in san francisco were the victimles of a robbery this -- victims of a robbery this morning. five men broke into had apartment and held the victims at gun point. the victims said the robbers kept asking for 50 pounds of marijuana they can -- they believed were in the apartment. >> they were looking for something big. >> 15 minutes later they took off with cell phones, electronics, wallets and cash. >>> fight between a father and son left them in the hospital. it happened early this morning. police say the father called 911 around 2:30 a.m. saying he had been stabbed 4 times. officers found his son suffering from trauma to his head. both men were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. >>> father is making a plea tonight to help find his missing daughter. she disappeared in south lake tahoe. ktvu's ken pritchett is live near south lake tahoe with the search that is underway. ken? >> we told you about a press briefing where we learned new information. one, a cell phone signal had been detected, one they didn't know about from alyssa byrne's cell phone.
news in san francisco where all eyes are on a house in the haight-ashbury tonight. investigators are working on the case of a san francisco boy who went missing nearly 30 years ago. in the last half hour a well placed police source has told us they do not believe bone fragments they found there are human. eric rasmussen is live outside the house. >> reporter: it is. they still have crime scene tape up around the area where they've been searching. to put this in perspective, we are just about a block away from the bus stop where kevin collins was last seen waiting for the bus all of those years ago. his mother says police have confirmed the activity out here involve his case. they still have crime scene tape around the house. investigators have been searching. this afternoon the county sheriffs office confirmed sfpd requested a cadaver dog. we saw some of the concrete. police nor the fbi are saying much of anything. on the phone today collins' mother ann said police did find something that is being sent to a state lab for testing. kevin collins disappeared on february 10, 1984 aft
cold. which part of it? ktvu's rob roth is live in san francisco where a debate is underway. rob? >> reporter: the details still need ironing out but it appear as new area cold is coming to san francisco. >> operator. >> reporter: the dispatch center in san francisco gets hundreds of calls each day so the possibilities of having to change an area cold is not a popular one. >> no. no. i am scared. >> the california public utilities commission began holding meetings about adding a new area cold, a change that would effect san francisco. the problem says the california public utilities commission says all available prefixes will be used up in 2-1/2 years. >> when we run out we have to assign another area cold so we will have more prefixes. >> the california public utilities commission says there are two ways, one possibilities would be splitting san francisco in half, the east side and west side and marine the other. the owner would prefer to keep the current number. >> cause people to change printing on all their adds. >> customers have been calling us on the same phone number. >
spending could hurt southern california. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> new at 6:00 p.m., police investigators were spending new year's eve trying to solve that town's first homicide in 40 years. ktvu's robert handa joins us live with significant developments in the case. >> reporter: it hasn't been much of a holiday season for police investigators. there are four suspects in custody and detectives are still working the case today. >> reporter: new year's eve was another day of investigation for the police department as detectives searched for evidence in the death of a man killed november 30 during a possible home invasion. today police had the company that installed the gate security company checking for clues. >> will give a time stamp of the last 100 commands. we are trying to get a time stamp of who entered and when. >> reporter: a man was arrested saturday, and another man on december 27 in oakland and the day before that another man was arrested while already in custody for a burglary charge. another man was the first suspect arrested december 18. police st
>>> why the cases may be connected. >> reporter: san francisco's pharmacy was hit first about 1:45 yesterday afternoon. two robbers in their 20s wearing hooded sweatshirts and scarves came in and used a gun to order the pharmacist to the floor. he told us the two ignored the cash register and stole prescription blood pressure and nausea medications. a second robbery yielded a bigger haul. >> similar style. they both involved firearms. same number of suspects. we're looking into the possibility they might be related. >> reporter: at golden gate pharmacy a pharmacist told the suspects you're joking when they burst in and forced a customer to the floor. think the demanded oxycontin, oxycodone and percocet. they instead grabbed whatever they could. including quantitities of prescription medications. >> whenever we have two armed robberies in one day it's a big deal. >> reporter: both pharmacies have surveillance video of the suspects. no one was injured though police say it's part of a troubling trend. >> we had one last month. there was one in south city. we're working hard to see
. administrators also plan to install those so called columbine locks. >>> city college of san francisco released its doomsday plan today pointing out what will happen to students if the community system goes under. rob roth is live now in san francisco with the situation facing up to 80,000 students, rob. >> reporter: julie, contained in this lengthy report is city college's worse case scenario. an outline of what could happen if the college loses its accreditation and is forced to close. at city college of san francisco, students are worried. worried whether their school will be around much longer. >> kind of just makes it hard coming to school. you don't know if what's going on with the school. >> reporter: city college is prepared to draft a report on how it would handle closing the school if it loses its accreditation this year. >> it is our profound hope that we don't get to that point but it is our duty. >> reporter: students who complete at least 3/4 of their course work would still have to finish their classes at another school but could receive a diploma from city college. still many st
showers. san jose live right now. if you are in san francisco, oakland, you are not -- you haven't seen anything. down here, it is a wet afternoon commute. the showers have been relegated to the valley and parts of the livermore valley. pinpointing that for you, you see it. this is an unusual system. it went by but now it is spinning the moisture back up at us. usually when systems go south they keep going, this stalled out. livermore, showers today. 10th of an inch of rain. this is moderate rainfall. fremont you are getting a break. but you had showers. milpitas. showers. and then we back it out to illustrate this line. this line has been steady all day. showers have been happening all day. nothing has been going on up here. into the evening, more showers. when i come back, i will toggle through tomorrow and into the bay area weekend, there is more showers possible towards the weekend as well. we will talk about that and the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. see you back here. >> follow our weather team 24 hours a day. updating on facebook, twitter and www.ktvu.com.
in a deadly new year's day crash in san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson spoke to people who knew one of the victims quite well. >> reporter: we spoke to one victim's family as they came here to share their grief. >> reporter: she wifed away tears and brought roses in memory of the brother. >> all the family is down. >> reporter: a 26-year-old construction worker is one of twoivisms killed in the -- two victims killed in the car crash. ktvu obtained this video of the crash after math as police tried to save the victims. the tragedy started after he fired a gun at three people at a housing complex and fled the scene. police say he smashed into a white car. the man is in serious condition but the passenger in the car was killed. the car struck and killed him and smashed into this store. >> just hope this is -- everything hopefully will be to the best from now on. >> reporter: police are charging him with murder, attempted murder, evading a police officer and being a felon with a hand gun. his sister brought a scandal for her -- candle for her brother. it hurts i saw him on the 31 and i
, around glenn ellen, sonoma. closer to san francisco and oakland, the rainfall rates have been picking up here, especially across the bay bridge. challenge driving across the bay bridge right now. toward the inlet east bay, concord, danville, danville area, rainfall has been picking up out toward oakland and lafayette. and the south bay, san jose reporting light rain, santa cruz mountains around highway 17. rainfall will continue to pick up heading into the evening hours. coming up, how much you can expect in your neighborhood and the changes that are developing for your sunday. >> thanks, mark. >>> those affected by gun violence in oakland held a peace rally today. >> what do we want? >> peace! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> the group save oakland organized a demonstration at high street and brooke dale avenue, adjacent to brooke dale park. that is where 15-year-old raquel girlsle and another teenager were gunned down in november. raquel's father is working to stop violence. >> she was out here trying to get her friends off the streets. i really miss her. i don't want her death to be?
the currents. from the air and the water, rescue crews from the coast guard and the san francisco fire department search for a group of surfers reported missing around 12:30 this afternoon. >> made contact with surf who had been in the water. >> reporter: the surfers were catching waves behind the cliff restaurant this is cell phone video shot by a surfer taking a break on the dash surfer take -- shot by a surfer taking a break. >> we had visual on them early on. there was confusion as to whether three or four of the surfers had been successfully brought to the beach. >> reporter: with three of the surfers unaccounted for, searchers started to help others for their help. by 2:00, all the surfers missing had been accounted for. tonight all four of those riders are safe and unharm. the coast guard says while out on the water today the crews asked ocean beach surfers to head into shore for their own safety. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we now go to mark toe my yay for the high wind advisory. >> our -- our buoy reports shore, you can see them around 7 to 9 feet but the surf is pick
and the state and federal epa. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police chief says more information must be gathered before he will name a person of interest in the case of missing kevin collins. investigators dug up flooring at this house yesterday. just a block away from where he disappeared in 1984. >> in going over the cold case the inspectors developed news information, conducted some additional investigation. there is more investigation being done but it was enough to get a search warrant to go back there. >> the police chief says theman who lived at the -- the man who lived at the home was a person of interest but he died a few years ago. the search warrant remains sealed. >> kevin collins' mother lives in contra costa county and told ktvu's rita williams she is finding comfort in her family. >> today i don't know what i am feeling. i was numb all day yesterday. still numb. i didn't sleep well last night. >> she said she learned from the media, not police that authorities found something in the home. despite that she said she is thankful that maybe she will know w
racial profiling will not be tolerated in the oakland police department, period. >>> the san francisco 49ers are due to arrive in atlanta in a few hours as they get ready for game that could send them to the super bowl. earlier today at the santa clara training facility the team boarded buses headed to the international airport. there wasn't a public sendoff, but that did not stop this die hard fan who brought his video camera and tamed the athletes through a tiny gap -- taped the athletes through a tiny gap in a fence. >>> the championship game is luring some faithful 49er fans to atlanta but not all of them. ktvu's paul chambers is live at the airport with the challenges you might face as feign going to the game or just staying home. >> reporter: there are two direct flights from sfo to atlanta and are both sold out. if you're throwing a theme bash, this seems to be the place to go. >> it's a family/49ers party. >> as soon as we get a shipment we're all gone. >> reporter: a big difference from last year when the 49ers were also in the championship game. >> this year people have been s
to deal with some of the challenges that we have at candle stick. >>> san francisco police will have a big presence out here tomorrow with uniformed and plain clothed police officers dressed as green bay and 49er fans to help keep the peace during tomorrow's game. david stevenson. >>> one packer fan had his loyalty tested today but bubba. >> from this day forward you love the who? >> the niners. >> say it, i have seen the light. >> i have seen the light. >> terrance spent some time with niner and packer fans. both sides tell us it's a friendly rivalry. >> how have the fans been so far here? >> awesome, awesome. >> the packers fans, we met a few already and they've been very friendly. >> fans on both sides went on to say tomorrow's game is bringing them together thanks to a common love of football. >> and san francisco's embarcadero is lit up in support of the 49ers. the lights were switched on about an hour ago just as it was getting dark. and stay with ktvu for complete coverage. tune in at 4:00 p.m. for ktvu's play off play book followed by fox pregame show. then join us for the point af
san jose to san francisco. >> 15-mile long trip commemorates the march led by martin luther king, jr. in 1965. >> really important for kids to know how far we have come. i decided to bring my daughters to see the memorial. >> freedom. just trying to be hopeful for the dream that he wanted for all of us. >> after the train arrived in san francisco riders walked along city streets to the martin luther king, jr. memorial fountain. it is inscribed with king's words in a dozen languages. >>> mese are searching for -- police are searching for mome invasion robbers. two homes were innovated. the first homeowner lost jewelry and cash and unharmed. the second location a suspect punched the home owner and locked the husband down stairs. one of them shot through the front window of the house. >>> police are asking for help in identifying a man who shot at employees while attempting to rob the store. police say the man entered the store saturday night demanding money. two retreated to a room with bullet proof glass as the suspect fired. anyone with any information is asked to call police. >>> re
allegations against 49ers wide receiver crabtree. in just the past few minutes san francisco's district attorney george gascon said his office will not file charges against michael crabtree. in a statement tonight gascon said the special victim's unit conducted an investigation and he reviewed all of the evidence before making the decision not to charge him. a woman had accused crabtree of assaulting him after a party in a hotel in san francisco. >>> some of the luckiest 49ers faithful are super bowl bound. $850, but many of them told us it's worth it. >> next time they make the super bowl, who knows. >> there are some fans who told us they may sell their tickets and just watch the big game on tv. >>> tickets aren't the only thing 49er fans are getting their hands on tonight. cara liu is in the city where a brand new t-shirt is in production at the same time there's a lot of knock offs hits the streets. cara. >> reporter: this is that new shirt you were talking about. it will be sold at railighs. here they are carrying a lot of official gear but not everything being told around town is
charges today for the new year's day crash into a san francisco corner market that killed two people. the attorney for david morales say it is incident is a tragic accident. morales is now being held on $10 million bail. he's accused of shooting three people in the mission district then evading police before crashing into the store at 21st street and south van nuys avenue. >>> the san francisco archdiocese continued its mission to pray for each homicide victim in the city. first people gathered on third street to remember 30-year-old alex smith who died on new year's day. then mourners brought flowers and balloons to the site where a 26-year-old francisco gutierrez and gloria tuncun were killed by a speeding car also on new year's day. >>> oakland police tonight are looking for a one away 15-year- old. i want to show you a picture of charles anderson. his mother and stepfather says charles left his home sunday afternoon after they argued about him going to see a friend. he turned 15 on new year's day but he is big for his age. 5'11" and 250 pounds. he also has the mental capacity of
san francisco. it taps the barrier. it is a story we brought you at noon. continuing coverage now. ktvu's paul chambers is live on treasure island where officials say there is no oil spills. >> reporter: that's correct. the tanker collided with tower six. you can see the tanker is behind me here, lit up. the pilot will meet with the coast guard tomorrow. but for right now will remain out here because it is part of an investigation. >> reporter: it sits in the san francisco bay. according to the coast guard this morning the tanker that dropped off fuel was on its way back out when it hit a protective barrier. >> this is basically a scrape for the bay bridge. didn't touch the structure. >> the fender system took the brunt of the strike. they have been in place for more than 75 years. >> it was upgraded a few years ago. it is wood and plastic composite materials that took the damage. >> reporter: within 20 minutes they had a crew out checking the structure. no work will be needed except repairing the fenders. >> 40 feet has been damaged, damaged in the way it was supposed to. it pro
orleans is the place to be tonight for san francisco 49er fans. [ music playing ] >> fans are starting to arrive and we talked to a street performer who is a san francisco native. he just happened to bump into 49ers coach jim harbaugh. >> bam! oh, come here now. [ laughter ] >> and let me get your signature. >> and he did get the signature. the 49ers arrived last night. the ravens arrived today. >>> barbara boxer and dianne feinstein accepted a wager. if the ravens win they willhand over goods -- will hand over goods. they also say they will throw in hairspray as a nod to john waters. >>> there are now just 6 days left to the super bowl. and we wanted to see you share your photos. chefany -- stenany from san francisco sent us -- stephanie from san francisco sent us this photo. post them on facebook just "like" ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in 6 minutes, closing the curtain on a bay area land mark. the rally to keep it from turning into a sporting goods store. >> the side show that stopped traffic. this isn't the first time and won't be the last unless there is a positive outlet. >> the grou
the game. >>> a group of nudists took their battle against the sit a of san francisco to court today hoping a judge will rule in their favorite. >> they are suing to try to block the nudity ban scheduled to begin next month. he said nudists hurt business. activists argue nudity is free speech. >> before you ban free speech -- [no audio] >> the judge will issue a ruling within two weeks. >>> joining forces to create more negotiating power to buy high speed trains. officials say they will purchase 60 trains over the next decade. the first segment in california runs from merced to fresno. >>> the government is granting california $674 million to help build an online insurance market place. the program is called cover california. it is designed to help individuals compare and choose the right health plans. it will help the state comply with the headquarter re-- healthcare reform law. >>> we have new develops about goobal play -- google play apps. according to change.org google dropped the apps. they collected 10,000 signatures urging google to stop offering the apps for download. they alter pic
. 30s oakland and 40 in san francisco. tonight will be one of the last really cold night. i will have a look at what you could expect coming up. >>> and send us your photos or videos of your neighborhood. e-mail us directly or post them to facebook or twitter. >>> neighbors are without power after a tree crashed into a home and power lines. the tree fell about 11:30 a.m. this morning. one person was inside the home but rescued unharmed. the tree cut power to 70 homes in the area. all but 30 have been restored and pg&e says it may take all night to get power back on. >>> the street violence in oakland set a staggering pace this weekend and leaders are at odds on how to fight it. ktvu's allie rasmus is live with the tactics to crack down on this. >> reporter: some say the mayor should declare a local state of emergency to get more officers on the streets. but the mayor jean quan and the police chief say that is not the solution. >> the mayor and police chief spoke. the child's mother was standing by as leaders declared they were already getting outside help. >> we have specific request
. >> good evening everyone, i'm frank somerville and i'm julie haener. san francisco police are looking for a man who attacked a woman in the city's mission district eric is live in san francisco with the brave step the woman took to warn other women. >> she actually wrote an open letter about what happened to her back here on 23rd street. since then her story has been gaining attention and now police hope it can lead to the capture of this attacker. >> on 23rd street in the mission district. >> it's frightening. >> word is getting around about what happened to a young woman walking home from visiting friends early sunday morning. in an e-mail to women in her neighborhood the victim described getting attacked by a stranger in frightening danger. she wrote he put went first for my eye socket and put his other hand in my mouth and slammed me to the ground. >> she actually saw this guy coming and tried to walk around a tree to get away from him. >> the victim did believe that the suspect had the intent to sexually assault her. >> police say the victim was able to fight
stevenson talked with the family in san francisco today as the defendant appeared in court. >> the family of the suspect cold us they can't believe that he committed such a violent act. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty. police say he doused her with gas and then set her on fire after an argument. she suffered third degree burns that left her almost unrecognizable. >> nervous. he don't know what to do. he said he didn't do it. >> reporter: he faces 11 counts. each carrying a maximum life in prison. prosecutors detailed a history of violence. including a violation of a domestic violence protective order, a misdemeanor battery case and a violation of a domestic violence court order. >> he had a little temper. this is a little thing they got into it. >> reporter: the judge set bail at $10 million and issued a protective order barring him from her home and family. >> we are pleased to see this as a public safety issue, safety for the family first, safety for her children. >> reporter: they applauded the judge's decision. >> this is a heinous crime. horrible. and we have to heal. >> mike: the
the appropriations committee. >>> diabetes in young people of color. john is live in san francisco where doctors call it an epidemic. john? >> reporter: i spoke with a lead researchers by phone. she said the exact reasons for this remain unclear. but she says that staple of the inner city diet, sugary soft drinks, may play a role. diabetes among inner city latinos jumped 27%. >> it is something scary, because it does run in the family, and from what i hear, it is hereditary. >> reporter: research suggests but doesn't prove what scientists call epigenetics, where parents pass on diabetes to their children. among urban african-americans, over that same four years, inherited diabetes jumped 70%. >> diabetes runs on my dad's side of the family. >> reporter: still, 20-year-old misha's lunch, two sugary soft drinks and a cheeseburger. >> i know if i eat anything unhealthy, i could end up turning into a diabetic. >> reporter: people we spoke to said unhealthy food is cheap and convenient. >> we go to mcdonald's, kentucky fried chicken. we eat all this terrible food. >> reporter: diabetes among urban white c
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)